Pastor Trinidad and Family featured on CNH Missions Facebook page

reprint from CNH District LCMS Mission Agency
December 22, 2014

castaneda test Trinidad (Pastor "Trini") Castaneda and family are the subjects of today's mission pictures and featured prayers. Trinidad is blessed to be married to Marionella (Nelly) and they have four children: Trinidad, Magale (Maggie), Manuel, and Daniel. In addition Nellie's younger brother, Christian, is also part of their family unit.

Trinidad and family moved from Oklahoma City and will be working as a called pastor of St. John's in Bakersfield, assigned to St. John's Valley of Faith in Arvin as the missionary leader of this new church plant. Trinidad has extensive experience in equipping leaders. He and Nelly are a powerful team. The CNH Mission Agency is in active partnership with this effort. Collectively we are thrilled at the doors God is opening in Arvin and through the work and trusting faith of the people of St. John's. Please take special note of the featured prayer section as Pastor Trini and family begin their missionary calling in the city of Arvin.

Pastor Dennis Hilken [of St. John's, Bakersfield] remarked that we have much work to do. The fields are ready for Harvest. Pray to the Lord of Harvest that He might send workers into His harvest field.

Mike Lange - CNH Executive Director, Missions

Praise God for four years of planning coming to fruition in the beginning of work in Arvin on July 1st and the installation of Trinidad Casteneda as missionary leader of St. John's Valley of Faith in Arvin. We praise God together for all He has been doing and for the opportunity to join Him in His mission.